The Achiever

The Achiever is a unique test in that it combines mental and personality measurement in one instrument. It also has a scoring system that provides scores on a scale that can be related to the Normal Distribution and that easily relates scores to the job requirements by means of a benchmark of successful performers.

Designed for use in the selection, training and development of professional, management, supervision and administrative positions, The Achiever measures the following aptitudes and traits:

Six Mental Aptitudes:

  • Mental Acuity - learning comprehension, judgment, reasoning and problem-solving ability
  • Business Terms - knowledge of basic business terms
  • Memory Recall - knowledge of current events as they relate to the job
  • Vocabulary - general English vocabulary skills
  • Numerical Perception - ability to handle numerically related tasks quickly and accurately
  • Mechanical Interest - measures interest in the mechanical area

Ten Personality Traits:

  • Energy - energy, drive, tension and stress levels
  • Flexibility - integrity, reliability, dependability and work ethics
  • Organization - personal orientation to plan and utilize time wisely
  • Communication - innate ability to meet and interact with people
  • Emotional Development - ego, self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to handle pressure
  • Assertiveness - strength and determination to get one's way
  • Competitiveness - team orientation versus individualistic competitiveness
  • Mental Toughness - psychological stamina to deal with life and job problems
  • Questioning/Probing - instinct to question and probe rather than accepting things at face value
  • Motivation - security-motivated or recognition, incentive and commission oriented

The Achiever also contains two validity scales to assess the accuracy of The Achiever report:

  • Distortion - frankness of the respondent as related to the statistical validity of the personality dimensions
  • Equivocation - consistent decision-making of the respondent as it relates to the accuracy of the personality dimensions measured

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