At no time has it been more important to make the right hiring decision. With employee turnover, internal theft, and substance abuse at an all time high (not to mention negligent hiring lawsuits), it becomes more important to make every effort to protect your business as well as maintaining productivity and profitability.

The hiring process has many facets to determine not only the eligibility of an applicant based on specific parameters developed by the employer, but by how well an applicant will "fit" into a specific job description. Many times an applicant's past tendencies can be a good barometer as to their future tendencies. These tendencies combined with personality traits can give the employer an indication of the applicant's overall potential, longevity and success for a specific job description.

The tabs on the left give a description of the each assessment. Please feel free to read about them. The information should give you an idea as to which assessment(s) may be best for you.